Stories in business from the past week – 14 to 20 August 2017 – Jason Maywald

A selection from the past week by Jason Maywald:


  1. From the SMH today: Competition watchdog finally bites down on ‘terrible’ advertising for NBN
    Internet providers should “immediately” change their advertising for National Broadband Network speeds, according to new guidance issued by the competition watchdog.The regulator is finally biting down on what it calls “frankly terrible” practices of advertising speeds at their theoretical maximum, a situation that has seen complaints about NBN speeds skyrocket in the past year.READ MORE
  2. Again from the SMH: New investment rules to curb China’s foreign acquisition binge
    Beijing: The Chinese government has officially put the brakes on Chinese companies pouring big money into overseas property development, issuing rules likely to have a significant impact in Australia.China’s State Council, or cabinet, issued the first rules on overseas investment by Chinese companies on Friday.


  3. The Australian on bitcoin: Canberra to close bitcoin gap
  4. The AFR: Buffett beaten in $22b race for energy company
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